Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Posting!

     My name is Lesley Peck and I will be doing most of the postings on this little family blog. I have been thinking of starting one for a while now, seeing as my husband and I live so far from our families. I figured this was a great way to keep everyone posted on what is going on in our lives, to post pictures of Lily as she grows, and to share thoughts that have been weighing on my mind.
     I should state, however, that I am a horrible writer. Those of you who read this, I do caution you. There are bound to be spelling and grammatical errors as well as unfinished thoughts. Sometimes my writing maybe disorganized, or may make no sense at all, especially since I will be sharing what is going through my head. Now, if Josh were to write here (as I hope he will), it will be beautiful and poetic, because I have married an amazing man, who happens to be a much better writer than I am. As thoughts are shared, I must also apologize in advance. It is not my intention to offend anyone. However, sometimes I may get on my soapbox and share what I feel about controversial issues. I would love to create dialogue through this, but please no hateful posts. I won't hesitate to delete them. I am not in the position to judge others, or to make them feel judged, and that is not the point of this blog anyways. I also have no idea what I am doing, so each blog will happen by trial and error. I'm sure I will get better at formatting and what not as I progress.
     As many of you already know, we are a family of three. My husband and I just had our first baby at the end of July and let me tell you, she is stinkin' adorable! We also have a chocolate lab (Frodo) and a grey tabbie (PitPat). Life has really changed these past three months. During this time, it has left me wondering "what's next?"  I love being a mom and hanging out with Lily all day, but I have been wondering how I can serve those around me. My small group is going to start by lending help to a new mom in our church, which I think is wonderful. When they brought it up last week, I was so excited because it was something that God had really laid on my heart recently. I think it is a good starting point for me, seeing as we haven't lived here long and don't really have a lot of connections here. However, the people in my church are great about loving on one another. So, now I have been thinking about how I can reach out to those who don't have people like that in their lives. It's hard meeting people like that when one isn't working and has a hard time meeting new people outside of church. Which leads me to a whole knew thought...
     I feel like we have just fallen into a bubble. It isn't where we want to be, but we are comfortable here for now. Well, maybe comfortable is the wrong word for it, seeing as we don't like that fact that we are in a bubble. Perhaps complacent is a better word. What a life to live: a complacent one. I know this isn't what God has called of us. But how many Americans live their lives that way, simply because it is easier. How lazy can we be? It is time that we make a change (starting with ourselves). But what does that look like? I don't have an answer for that yet. It is what I have been thinking of a lot lately.

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  1. Glad to hear Lily is doing well. I feel rather complacent lately as well, and am definitely ready for a change!

    Blogspot is pretty nice and simple, but if you need any technical help with the blog stuff just let me know!