we are a work in progress, like this blog. as i figure out more of these features the blog will improve. until then....

we are a couple who have dated since highschool. i stay at home and take care of lily jane, our sweet baby. josh is a forester and works for the united states forest service. oh, and i have been working on photography, which i would love to do more of.  so, in light of this realization, i am going to try to use my camera more and add photos frequently here. i will be brave.

our baby is amazing. she was born july 30th at 1:06 am and weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and was 17 1/4 inches long. words cannot express how she takes our breath away. she learns so much every day and even now, we can't stop staring at her. watching her discover the world. learning how things work. developing an attached relationship with her father and me. this may be the greatest feeling in the world.

yes. hands down. it is the best.

we also have a dog. he is a chocolate labrador who weighs almost 100 pounds. josh has had him since he was in high school. he is our log dog. my friend mandi told me he has lobster eyebrows. i can't get that image out of my mind now. whenever he twitches his eyes, i just giggle inside. he loves to carry our shoes around, but never chews on them. and when he is really excited, he does the whole-body-wiggle that the labs seem to have perfected.

and we can't forget our cat. his new name is garbage (it was pitpat) and he is the newest member of our family. he is a rescued kitty and is the most gluttonous animal i have ever met. however, he may also be the most tollerant cat i have had the pleasure to encounter. my niece loves to tote him everywhere, stuff him in his tower. and lily also loves to pet, grab, smack, and squeal at him. he knows just to leave if he has had enough. i was a little worried about getting a cat with a baby around. but he has proven to be a nice addition, even if he does like to bring his friends in to party with at night.