Sunday, February 2, 2014

our new adventure!

i have decided to revive our little blog. so much has happened since the last time i wrote. the biggest thing being that we added a new little to our family (penelope iris). the most recent news, we have moved to wyoming for the next 3 months.

this move is our next big adventure and we want to keep you all in the loop with the goings on here in the great wide somewhere. we have headed here to follow josh’s job (forester for the forest service). he is working a detail here and we are blessed enough to be able to join him. we did have to pull lily out of preschool and gymnastics, but i’m doing homeschool time with her and i plan on starting our own gymnastics soon (once i figure out what to do…. i guess i need to do a little research). we are living in the small town of saratoga. i think at the last census, the population was around 1,900 people. there is no stop light in town but the downtown area is very quaint. we are staying in a forest service cabin outside of town at the brush creek workstation. the biggest adjustment has been the lack of…. technological amenities.

that’s right. there is no internet at our house. let that sink in. not only is there no internet, our phones are roaming so we have no 3g which means no data. i can’t even send a photo message. what an adjustment. for the past week we didn’t have a tv and haven’t even had a radio. world war iii could have broke out, and i would have no idea. the office did eventually send josh home with a big box television with an attached vhs player. but we don’t own one vhs tape! josh’s sister was nice enough to bring a cd player and some vhs tapes for us to borrow. i figured it would be good to have an fm radio so i could know if there are any crazy weather warnings. there is a ton of snow here and as i don’t have any access to the internet or any antenna/converter box for our tv, i had no way of knowing what the weather held except to look out my window and know “it looks cloudy. and windy. i think it might snow.”. not only that, but we always listened to music on pandora or spotify. i really have no music on my laptop so our days have been pretty quiet. i’ll be thankful for even a little music. i have yet to plug it in to see if we can get anything out here…. 

there is so much more i want to tell you! but right now, i need to go to bed. i am at josh's parents' house for the night and tomorrow leave to visit my bestie and her new little. once i get back from that little trip, i might have a couple days where i will have access to the internet and i can finish this little installment on the beginnings of our saratoga adventure (and maybe even include a few pictures)!

until then...

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