Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elections... ugh...

Can I just say how I am sooo glad that the elections are over? I hate how politics just seem to drive a wedge between people, as opposed to bringing them together (unless, of course, you believe the same things, then I guess it can be uniting). Each is entitled to a unique opinion, but I firmly believe that we should not belittle someone simply because they don't believe the same things we do. Here is where it can get a little crazy though.

I believe that Jesus is our savior and I try love God and love others. I think this is essential for those who follow Christ. But why is it that when politics are brought up and there is always some bill that is being pushed that the "Christian community" is against, that those trying to live their lives for Jesus seem to forget how to love others and NOT be the ones passing judgement? I believe there is a loving way to dialogue with others and share beliefs. However, I do not believe that method is often used when it comes to politics and so many just end up feeling hurt or angry. Pressuring another person will never help them to see your point of view or help them develop a desire to understand where you are coming from. This isn't how God wants us to share His word, or His love.

So how do we change someones opinion? Do we need to change other's opinions? It seems that I can see both sides of the argument and don't really have answers to these questions. Does this make me fickle? I'd like to think I am just keeping an open mind.


  1. Hey Lesley, congratulations on starting a blog! The baby blog thing is way huger than I would have imagined. There's thousands of the things.

    My view, cynical perhaps, is that politics is a savage competition for power where those involved use anything handy, especially including Jesus, as cudgels to crush their opponents. That why people are such jerks about it.

    But hey, your daughter is unbearably cute. Happy blogging!

  2. I can also see both sides, like you do. I understand that we should vote based by our beliefs, and so when it comes to abortion, as a Christian, I see why it is suppose to be against. But then I think making a law doesn't change a person's heart; God is the one that can change a person's heart. So I see the importance of not using laws to try to force someone to believe what I believe, and that that law can be used to obstruct someone's path to God. People are mad at God for the laws that "we" impose of them. But at the same time, I do not want to be a passive participate in life, and I don't think that babies should be killed because someone else just doesn't want them. I firmly oppose abortion now, and that is how I would vote if I am presented with that. I still struggle with how to proceed, but given that it is an imperfect system all you can do is what you feel the most comfortable with. I think standing firm in your convictions is a good thing, and that people who don't want God in their lives are going to resist regardless. I also think it is equally important to have a loving relationship towards those who believe different, and that we shouldn't make them feel like we know what is best for them. If people understood that Christians aren't trying to make everyone's choices for them, but are just trying to stand by what they believe things would be different.