Wednesday, January 25, 2012

cloth diaper options

so starting to cloth diaper can be overwhelming when weighing the options. maybe you don't understand all the types. if so, this post is for you!

the first thing to consider are the kinds of diapers you would like in your stash. most people have more than one kind and often times what works for one baby may not work for another. a lot of cloth diaper stores (and online) offer a 30 day trial so you can try different kinds and send back what doesn't work.

these are the most similar to disposables. the name says it all. there is one piece and you change the whole thing at every diaper change. these have the absorbent parts sewn into the waterproof cover.

these have a soaker part that pairs with a waterproof cover. if the soaker is the only thing that gets soiled, the cover may be reused.

these are covers that have a "pouch" or pocket where a soaker pad is inserted. this whole diaper has to be changed at diaper changes.

this diaper is similar to a disposable but is not waterproof. they are usually very absorbent but require a waterproof cover if used for sleepy times or for extended period of times. again, if the fitted is the only thing to be soiled, the cover can be reused.

these are square pieces of cloth with three sections sewn in. the middle section is the most absorbent. they must be used with a waterproof cover (that can be reused if poop doesn't get on the cover). these can be trifolded and laid in the cover or folded and used with a snappi. i prefer to use the snappi as it holds in the mess better, in my experience. plus, snappis are much easier to use than pins. though, some still prefer to use pins.

these are large, flat pieces of fabric. they are folded in various ways and then pinned with pins or snappis. many like these because they are so cheap, trim, and because of the freedom to fold however you want, can be customized to fit all different babies.

these waterproof covers are used over fitteds, prefolds, and flats. these can also be made of wool or fleece if you prefer to stay away from tpu or pul.

these diapers usually have a cloth option or you can put a biodegradable soaker pad in. these can usually be flushed.
There are also sized diapers and one size (or two size) diapers. usually one size diapers can't be used at birth unless you have a big baby. we used our one size diapers when lily got to be about 10 lbs.

*i don't necessarily prefer to buy at the stores listed. they just happened to have very user friendly sites and i could link my examples. i simply wanted to be able to give you something to look at (though, my lovely friend does own greenbyusa,  where they only carry products that are made here in the united states and i do love to support her).

you will also need a diaper pail, a large wetbag (which is a waterproof bag), though i recommend 2, to put in the pail, and a medium wetbag for your diaper bag. i also have a small wetbag that i put my cloth wipes in. i like making my own wipe solution because then i know exactly what i am putting on my baby's skin. it is also cheaper and i don't have to worry about fishing a disposable wipe out of the dirty diaper pail.

ready to get started now? haha

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